a little about angelique


ello! Thanks for stopping by! Like any other little girl, I grew up wearing my mother's high heels and playing dress up in her old bridesmaids dresses from various weddings she was in. One day while rummaging through her cabinet of goodies (I.e., office supplies mostly - anyone else an office supply freak?) I found an old Nikon film camera. I remember walking around the house pretending to take pictures in a camera that didn't have any film in it and taking "snapshots" every time we cooked dinner, went outside to play with chalk, or went shopping. 

In high school, my boyfriend got me my very own Nikon camera for Christmas one year and I was HOOKED. I took pictures of anything and everyone that would let me. I signed up for all the photography classes through high school and college that I could and eventually, started my own business. 

Things really took off when my own photographer for my wedding allowed me to complete an apprenticeship under her. I purchased her old camera, my first real lens, and haven't put down my camera since. This is still the same camera that I shoot with today. I take pride in the nostalgic materials. 

I'm the wife to a wonderful U.S. Navy Veteran and the mom to a sweet little boy named Ronan Thatcher. I am truly living my dream life by being able to do photography as my career and also being able to come home to these two. My son enjoys outdoor adventures while my husband enjoys quiet nights in. So between photography and family, I live a quite balanced life. 

In addition to photography and family, I have a few other interests:

1. Disney - I am the BIGGEST Disney freak. My husband's side of the family goes to Disney at least once a year. Within the next five years, I would love to become a member of the DVC family. My own son had his first Disney trip at 2 months old! 

2. Breakfast food - One of my main cravings while I was pregnant was maple syrup. Turns out my son is also a breakfast person, as is my husband. I'm all about breakfast all the time. We even served "breakfast for dinner" at our wedding! Want to meet up to discuss photography plans? Suggest meeting for breakfast and I will be the happiest girl alive. 

3. Coffee - What mama doesn't love coffee? But I love more than just the taste of coffee. I love the history of it, the story behind it, the processing of the beans, and all the itty bitty details that usually get pushed aside when getting the perfect cup of joe. I work very part-time at a local coffeeshop simply because I enjoy being a part of the coffee community and dabbling into my latte art.